Shaun Sargent - CEO, Aura-Soma Products Limited

Shaun Sargent states that global sustainability is a key personal strategic aim, and something he strives to achieve in his own daily life, as far as is possible. Education is key, so people can make their own informed choices, and through his role at Aura-Soma, he seeks to offer people unbiased information to assist in this.

By minimising our carbon footprint as much as possible, he seeks to educate our stakeholders in the best methods of achieving this for themselves.

He has been involved with RECOUP for over 25 years.

"I work with RECOUP because they provide world-class advice on the sustainable use of plastic packaging, in an easily accessible way. Our global strategy for plastic packaging, including redesign of our range,  has been shaped by our cooperation with RECOUP, and we seek to work with our customers and suppliers to promote conscious packaging choices, and maximise efficient and effective recycling.

"We only have one world, so what we do to sustain it is vitally important, and for Plastics, RECOUP is our partner to support us in this journey of sustainability."

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