Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters because it mirrors the core values of the society in which we wish to live.  RECOUP follows the principles of recognised CSR definitions and statements, but CSR itself can still often be undefined in terms of shape, opportunities and limitations.

At RECOUP, we can help you turn CSR statements and policies into something practical, visible and measurable. Turning a tick in the box into tangible deliverables which fit the development and goals of your business, both environmentally and commercially.

RECOUP membership can add to your corporate and social responsibility portfolio.

RECOUP as the leading plastics resource and recycling organisation in the UK, is seen as the independent voice of reason across the industry supply chain... We connect with the industry supply chain connecting with stakeholders, individuals and communities on local, national and international levels.  RECOUP recognise the growing importance of the CSR ethos at ground level, and work with members to turn that recognition into actions to the benefit of their organisations.

Active within a wide network of stakeholder and government agencies, RECOUP provide a strategic voice and advise on the strategic approach to assist the sustainable development of plastics resource, waste management and recycling.

RECOUP explore past the headlines to discover the facts and present the real picture.

RECOUP is committed to working with the whole value chain. Assisting industry on the sustainability of plastic packaging and citizen engagement and education. RECOUP assist and advise the value chain and local communities on the new policies and introducing successful strategies to eliminate plastic pollution.

The RECOUP education programme, Pledge2Recycle Plastics, has been building relationships with communities, Local Authorities, and the plastics value chain to drive behavioural change since 2014. As part of this programme, the team engage with primary and secondary schools, community and environmental groups to provide education roadshows and workshops aiming to reduce confusion on plastics recycling; introducing the concepts of circular economy and end of life solutions.

RECOUP provide training on the sustainability of products and services as well as education on plastics recycling. The knowledge of the supply chain is used to provide a holistic overview of all aspect of the plastics recycling industry and the recyclability of plastic products.

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