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Research around all elements of the plastics supply chain is a core part of RECOUP's work. We undertake and contribute to a wide array of bespoke research to support member and stakeholder projects as we continue to explore the evolving questions, opportunities and challenges around plastics recycling.

RECOUP reports are initially only available to Members, accessible through the Members area of this website.   Three months following the initial publication date reports will be released into the public domain. 

UK Household Plastics Collection Survey

The RECOUP UK Household Plastics Collection Survey is a specialist, research-based report for those working in or making decisions about household plastics waste and the recycled plastics value chain. Surveying all Local Authorities in the UK, the report is the most extensive piece of independent research conducted around the levels of provisions, challenges, and opportunities that authorities face.  The survey also combined with the annually updated UK Household Plastics Collection Survey Case Studies reports which investigate in-depth bespoke methods of collection and processing of recycling by Local Authorities, waste management providers and processors.

UK Household Plastics Packaging Sorting and Reprocessing Capacity Report

The UK Household Plastics Packaging Sorting and Reprocessing Capacity Report identifies capacities of waste and reprocessing facilities.  It examines challenges and inconsistencies faced by the UK plastics packaging production and recycling industry when weighing up environmental and ethical concerns versus commercial viability. The report also explores potential unintended consequences of upcoming legislative changes such as Deposit Return Schemes and recycled content tax, and the environmental impact across the whole chain, particularly in relation to the food-grade packaging.


Infrastructure for the collection of household plastics for recycling in the UK.

This report has been produced to support Defra in its understanding of the current levels of on-the-go single use drinks containers that are placed on the market, consumed, recycled or disposed of in the UK

Developed with WRAP and Valpak (Feb2019)
Consumer insight research into current 'On The Go' behaviour and initial thoughts about the potential of the introduction of Deposit Return Schemes. Conducted: 2018

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