Citizen & Stakeholder Engagement

The RECOUP Citizen & Stakeholder Engagement team provide support and education to citizens and the wider plastics recycling industry to improve understanding to all about recycling. With 30 years of experience, RECOUP offer a holistic view of behavioural insights and requirements to improve recycling.

Pledge2Recycle Plastics works to reduce consumer confusion around plastic recycling.  RECOUP act as a catalyst between the plastics resource and recycling industry and citizens. The team provide and support communications on what can be recycled locally and how best to prepare plastic packaging for collection. The Pledge2Recycle Plastics programme explains the recycling process and demonstrates a range of product made from recycled plastics.

Throughout 2019, have continued to collate knowledge and experience gained from delivering
a wide range of citizen engagement activities. Activations ranged from school’s education work with Nestlé Waters and Valpak; Welsh Air Show, Perkins Great Eastern Run, Norwich Science Fair as well as working with other NGO’s such as Keep Scotland Beautiful, on the Upstream Battle Project.  

Linking RECOUP’s knowledge of the plastics recycling value chain with an understanding of citizen perspective has proved immensely valuable. The team specialize in bringing together stakeholders to a common goal of developing plastics recycling communications. There are many exciting opportunities for all parts of the value chain to become involved. Discover the resource pack (aligned with Recycle Now and learn more about the work we do at

Citizen Insights on Plastic Packaging

RECOUP conducted an observational study with Watch Me Think, (supported by Marks & Spencer and Plastics Europe). Citizens independently recorded their behaviour when recycling via video and explained why they did what they did, why, and their views on plastic packaging.  The work highlighted that labelling is critical to enable consumers to make informed decisions in the recycling process, as well as the need for clear and concise instructions from Local Authorities.


RECOUP commissioned an observational study to understand the barriers and behaviours of citizens when recycling plastic packaging.
The team provide both proactive and reactive communications for RECOUP across both traditional and social media. Keep up with our work on social media by following us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
As members of the UK Plastics Pact we support and contribute to the campaigns run by WRAP

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