No one could have predicted the pressure and attention placed on plastics in recent years fuelled by the ‘Blue Planet’ effect.  Politicians, consumers, media and businesses are all demanding change and RECOUP is central to delivering that change through increased recycling and more efficient use of plastic resources.

Clearly, it cannot be right to allow plastics to leak into the environment, but neither is it acceptable to lose the opportunity to use plastic where it is the most appropriate and cost-effective material for so many applications. 

Creating the right balance of legislative drivers and positive long-term business conditions will allow a viable and resilient system to be established which demonstrates the value of plastics as a circular material and prevents plastic leakage into the natural environment.  Extending producer and consumer responsibility is viewed as one of the key drivers to achieving this aim.

The messages given to households and businesses around plastics must be aligned and based on facts.  RECOUP is addressing this challenge.

Plastic value chains must be supported and stimulated.  Sustainable procurement initiatives need to ensure much wider use of recycled plastics in the manufacturing of new products.

Indeed, there is more to plastic than packaging. Work on recycling more plastics from other sectors including bulky household plastics, toys, clothing, electrical equipment and end of life vehicles is also important and represents a significant opportunity.

"Consumers are challenged on a daily basis to make the right choices in terms of the environment and how we deal with plastics forms part of those decisions.  It is important that we all do our bit to ensure that we put resources back into the system so that they can be used again"




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